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The Formation of NFBPC

NFBPC was formed in 1990 with the prompting and patronage of Hon. Balaki Kirya (RIP), then only openly Pentecostal government minister then, but did not take to operate any close to the stated expectations till 2000! It’s the cultic massacre of 2000 that awoke the movement in a need to avoid false accusations. Elections of new leadership was again sanctioned, and this was followed by a committed leadership that begun to build structures.

Today, NFBPC is well established as the Umbrella Fellowship for Pentecostal Churches in Uganda. Based on a fellowship constitution, and through the fellowship electoral commission, leadership committees from national to sub-county levels are elected every five years, and are mandated to oversee and implement the Fellowships programs in pursuance of its core functions, goals and objectives.

The Fellowship is present in all the 110 districts of the country, and delivers services even to churches and organizations that have not officially subscribed membership to it. The Fellowship has excellent working relationships and a strategic alliances with Evangelical Fellowship Union, and other emerging umbrella bodies among Balokole with a desire to fully harmonize into a single umbrella organization able to deliver national transformation through a truly biblical world view! The fellowship is now validating its membership which is estimated to be over 30,000 churches across the country.