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What is NFBPC?

The National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches is an umbrella network of Pentecostal churches, Para-church organizations and missionary organizations operating in Uganda. It is registered with the Government of Uganda, is non-denominational and politically non-partisan. The fellowship exists primarily as a voice for its membership and to support and nurture the effective growth and development of the Pentecostal movement through networking, capacity building and enabling strategic partnerships. Membership is broadly open to any Pentecostal ministry in Uganda that is in agreement with its aims and objectives. The largest percentage of the current membership comprises of indigenous ministries.


Our vision is a coordinated, vibrant and growing Pentecostal church movement in Uganda


Out mission is to support and embrace the efficience and quality of services delivered by Pentecostal Churches and church-based organizations through net-working, capacity building, advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Core Values

  1. Responsibility: To play the role of a prophetic voice to the Nation and advocacy
  2. Accountability: To provide opportunities for networking, partnerships and linkages in fulfilling the great commission.
  3. Competence: To provide capacity building forthe member churches and organizations
  4. National transformation, information generation, and dissemmination.

Core Objectives

  1. To form a united and collective (prophetic) voice to the nation
  2. To effect an integrated national (Social & Economic) transformation
  3. To network Christian activities in various sectors
  4. Partnership in areas of common interest in building the Kingdom of God.
  5. Resource mobilization in the Christian Community
  6. To enforce integrity and accountability in ministry through an agreed leadership code of Conduct
  7. Capacity building &empowerment of church leadership
  8. Protecting and nurturing upcoming churches