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IRCU Youth Leaders Meeting

Following the media reports about the intended Religious Policy, whose intent has come under question, being perceived as an instigation and subterfuge by traditional religions to curtail our Pentecostal Church growth and has attracted vehement reactions from many Pastors, I found it necessary to clarify on one key related aspect.

Based on the perception that traditional religions are always look at Pentecostals as a threat and working in the background to undermine our existence, one of the concerns raised by some of our members relates to the question of why we joined the IRCU. I have therefore, decided to address this matter in writing so that it is on record. This narrative will explain What IRCU is, and Where IRCU came from.

Event Details

Starts on: Saturday, 03 March 2018
Ends on: Saturday, 03 March 2018
Where: Imperial Royale Hotel