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Leaders Tablets

The Tablets  idea was cooked up last year in a move to reduce expenditures on the fellowship's  stationary by three quarters and ease communication among fellowship leaders, pastors and elders.

Leaders tablets will help out in numerous ways including:

Hospitality responses. 

When people join a church or make decisions that  need to follow up on after the service.  Have your volunteers use a tablet to capture that info.  Use the tablet camera to take a picture of the individual, couple or family on the spot and it automatically associates with their info in the database.

Capture prayer requests. 

Create a prayer request link to put on your website.  Then people meeting and praying for others can use their tablets to capture any prayer requests that need to be shared with the prayer team and pastors.

Take attendance. 

If you want, you can get rid of the records room.  Check-in will capture attendance for kids, but use our push out email to group leaders and your adults can click one link in an email and take attendance right on their smart phone or tablets.  In churches where people know each other well, you can do the same thing for worship services.  

New member classes.

 There are a couple of ways to use tablets for new member classes.  First, use the push out email during the class session.  When people decide to join your church, send out the update info link to everyone right then.  Ask them to immediately respond using their phones or tablets.  They can even upload a picture of themselves that they have in their gallery.  Second, use tablets like you would in the hospitality room to connect people to next steps or groups.

Find a group. 

Have an area where people looking for groups can come alongside a host to learn how to use Church teams to find and join a group.  The great thing about this feature is that they get a hands-on opportunity to see and use the functionality of your Church teams website.

Find ministry and mission opportunities.

This is pretty much the same as connecting with groups.  However, when people sign up for ministry, serving or mission opportunities, they are put into groups that are used as dashboards for follow up by staff and leadership responsible for recruiting in these areas.

Event registration. 

Like groups and serving opportunities, use tablets to sign people up for events.  Enable our online giving feature and you’ll be able to take payments on the spot that are automatically recorded on the event dashboard for easy event management.

Give online.

Like many of the other features, this is just a link from your website that takes people to a giving portal where they enter their donation.  Our system saves credit card numbers so people can give in as little as 35 seconds.  And it automatically posts their donation to their giving record so you don’t have to input or import it.